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aluminum brain toxicity

aluminum brain toxicity

Aluminum brain toxicity is something I promised to talk about in one of my previous posts.  Again, I will address this within the context of vaccines which I believe is a major cause of Autism. Vaccines might not be bad if it were possible to produce them in a way that excluded adjuvants (substances that boost immunity) like aluminum which is a toxic. Like mercury, aluminum is used in vaccines not so much as a preservative as is the case with thimerasol, but as a way to boost the  immunity. Now you might say that this is a good thing. Well it appears to me that many things done in science is counter-intuitive and illogical to my brain and I am sure to all of you intelligent people. Obviously, you cannot take a live virus and insert it into a human because it will create an illness. Therefore, they kill the virus by heat and other methods, then the virus is reactivated or strengthened by adding aluminum to make the virus work in your body and to last longer. If they do not add aluminum and you are one of those with a strong immune system your body will just get rid of the virus without any problem. This means that the vaccine would be useless for such a person. So, aluminum is put into the vaccines essentially so that it will last longer, and have better viability in the body for the people with weak immune systems.

Aluminum brain toxicity is known to cause Alzheimers disease. Dr. Stephanie Seneff of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, asserts that Alzheimers and Autism are similar diseases taking place at different times in a person’s life.  She explains how aluminum is taken up into the brain by glyphosate (ingredient in Round-up) which cages aluminum and gets it pass the blood brain barrier. But that’s another story.

The Food and Drug Administration removed thimerasol from vaccines (partly) and replaced it with aluminum which is worse because it has this relationship with glyphosate whic all over our non-organic foods. And according to Dr.Seneff,  glyphosate makes mercury and aluminum more toxic. Furthermore, aluminum is not really a replacement for mercury because they perform different functions in the manufacture of vaccines.

There are many other ingredients in vaccines that we should all be concerned about like formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen (cancer causing). At the end of the day, you are not going to give your child teaspoonfuls of aluminum, formaldehyde, or Ethylene glycol (main ingredient in anti-freeze) so why would you allow a so called doctor to inject these substances into your child?

aluminum brain toxicity

According to the EPA we are exposed to aluminum from everywhere in the environment. Air, water, soil, utensils  to name a few. If this is the case, we do not need to deliberately add more by injecting our children with this metal that causes aluminum brain toxicity. Aluminum brain toxicity can also arise from persistent use of anti-perspirants, antacids, or cosmetics and it is also used as a food additive. According to the EPA, “studies in animals show that the nervous system is a sensitive target of aluminum brain toxicity. Obvious signs of damage were not seen in animals after high oral doses of aluminum. However, the animals did not perform as well in tests that measured the strength of their grip or how much they moved around.”

To protect your newborn and small children it is advisable to refrain from giving vaccines because the benefits do NOT outweigh the risks. Over time the cumulative effects can have a negative effect on your child and the immediate family.  We need to do natural immunity – natural immunity usually last for life. If your immune system is strong you might show little or no symptoms from a disease because the body would have eliminated it. It annoys me when people in the medical community skirts around the issue and talk about spacing vaccines. It is not about spacing vaccines. The vaccines are filled with toxic ingredients, so it means nothing whether you space them out or not. Our children are being slow poisoned from them. Natural immunity does a perfect job, but because we live in a fear-mongering society, the weak ones will succumb to the propaganda.

I have often pondered on the non-sensical logic of the pro vaccines rabble rousers who say that if a child is not vaccinated he or she will infect the others in the school or community. Logically, if all the children in a classroom or community are vaccinated then they should not have any fears of being infected by that one child who is not –  because they supposedly have immunity. This skewed logic exposes the lie about vaccinations.