autism spectrum disorder

autism spectrum disorder

Autism spectrum disorder
Autism Mom

When your child is diagnosed with a disability it is heartbreaking. Why me? You ask time and time again. Your life is changed forever.

My name is Karen Miller and like you I struggled emotionally after my son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. My sons’ speech was non-existent. I wondered if he would ever speak. I was concerned about his safety; I had nightmares of him experiencing abuse on the school bus and being unable to tell me about it. Like you I feared losing my son to this disability. I knew I had to take this challenge on with hope and focus. I did not want to fail. I did not want to fail my son, so I made the decision to do whatever it took to release him from the grips of autism spectrum disorder.

Because I did not want to lose my son to the disability it was important for me to consider alternative treatments regarding diet.  I pursued social and emotional treatments that helped him relate to his friends and peers. Development of his academic skills facilitated his mastering of subjects like Mathematics and science.

My son’s lack of speech and his social/emotional challenges were not just something to be dealt with by speech therapy, or occupational therapy only. I became convinced based on long research and study and the testimonials of parents that biological treatments were another avenue and part of a co-treatment. Biological treatments are based on findings that children on the Autism spectrum have high amounts of yeasts and bacteria in the intestinal tract. This is because of the overuse of antibiotics over the last 20 years and the growth of super bugs. Diet and food are part and parcel of biological treatments as I will discuss during our journey. I decided that dietary intervention was a viable option. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain – my sons’ recovery.

If I did my part with the food on the one hand and the teachers did their part with academics and social and emotional development on the other, then my son will be in good shape.

Well, he did, we all did. My approach of dietary intervention was a success. My son is cured of Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is healthy and developing on target emotionally and socially. He is witty, intelligent and funny. He is great at Mathematics. He rides his bike and scooter with abandon – skills I never thought he would ever accomplish. Being able to tie his shoelaces released me from only buying Velcro style shoes. His success in many areas brings me a sense of comfort. I feel less concerned about his growing up into a self-sufficient young man and adult. I don’t worry about my son not being able to contribute to society in meaningful ways and helping others. He is on his way to making friends and one day getting married. In short Autism spectrum disorder has not swallowed up my son. He has options.

Dietary Intervention is something to consider if you are concerned about healing your child with Autism spectrum disorder. Food – the right food is your friend during this journey. I chose that route and it worked. It worked in a monumental way. I want mothers, fathers, grandmother and caregivers to know that there is hope for your little ones. I will share my story and offer information, recipes and tips to make your life easier and less stressful. You will learn about foods that you might not have tried before.  You will learn how to prepare these foods. These foods will actually help to heal and not hurt your child. You will learn about my son and the various therapies he was exposed to during his journey.

There is a saying that “until you have done something for humanity you should be ashamed to die.” It is important for me to share my son’s story – to make a contribution to the community of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I am sharing an option – a solution that might just work for you because it worked for my son. If you or someone you know is facing this challenge I am here to give you hope that there are dietary solutions that work.

I am sure you will identify with my story and come to the understanding that you are not alone. I am with you all the way to offer guidance, support and much acceptance.

So come with me on this food journey to help heal your child. You will become a master of the proper care and feeding of your child with Autism.