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Just mayonaise

just mayonaise

Just mayonaise is a product on the market that is being presented as a great substitute for mayonaise. This product is manufactured by a company by the name of Hampton Creek which is based in California. This company has some big name investors behind them like Marc Benioff, Peter Thiel among others.  These investors are truly in it for the money. I don’t believe that they are aware of the bad effects of the ingredients in this new food fad that everyone is raving about. It’s especially bad for our children on the Autism Spectrum.  Incidentally, it is not new because a similar product called veganaise is a superior product by far just based on the ingredients. A big name celebrity did a taste test and gave it the thumbs up so the rest of us should just fall in line. This particular celebrity will eat anything because she is a glutton and the others are either clueless and greedy or just clueless.

Just mayonaise for all intents and purposes is an alternative to regular mayonaise like Hellmans.  At first I believed that Hampton Creek was a bio tech food company like Monsanto – tampering with nature – based on the description of this product by the CEO.  Their logo is an egg-shape graphic with what looks like a three leaf plant superimposed on the egg. The implication is that they took a plant gene and shoot it into the egg. The CEO also talked about using plant technology to create this just mayonaise.  This is all part of the hype.  It is called false advertising.  I am sure he knows the difference between a plant – the genetic make up of a plant and the product of a plant like yellow peas.  After careful investigation I am convinced that Hampton Creek is a glorified cooking school.  It took 1500 tries for some chefs in the company to figure out that they can use a yellow pea from Canada as a protein substitute? How daft! I could figure this out in my own kitchen within minutes and I can also make mayonaise in my food processor at home without the preservatives.  They don’t have their own facility producing just mayonaise. The manufacture and production of just mayonaise have been outsourced to another company.

This post is really a follow-up from my last post – not intentionally though, this fell into my lap by accident and it fits in perfectly with what I talked about regarding chelation.

I want to do an autopsy of some of the ingredients in just mayonaise. In particular, I will address Canola oil, modified food starch and Calcium Disodium (EDTA). Canola Oil has a very interesting history and etymology. Canola was essentially bred and created in a lab in Canada. It is from the rape plant. It is also know as rapeseed oil.  The issue with canola oil is that 95 percent of canola oil in the US is genetically modified and used for bio fuel. Now Hampton Creek has specifically indicated that it is Non- GMO which is a good thing. They also have a certification by the Non GMO Project. This is all good, but I stay away from canola oil and anything which has it as an ingredient. The GE percentage is too high and how do we know for sure where Hampton Creek is sourcing the oil to make just mayonaise. Based on the investors in this company, I suspect all they care about is the bottom line which is profits. They do not care about your child with Autism or allergies or intestinal issues etc. They will source the cheapest and most available raw material to make just mayonaise.just mayonaise

Modified food starch is very pervasive in many ingredients in our foods. Just look at any jar, can or frozen foods in your supermarket and you will see that ingredient listed. It is a thickening agent. It is also a stabilizer and emulsifier, so it makes sense that Hampton creek will use it in just mayonaise. Many years ago my son’s pediatrician told me to watch out for by-products of wheat, corn, tapioca, potato.  While potato, tapioca and corn are gluten free, if it is modified with chemicals you should not be feeding it to your sick children.  Modified starch is a chemically treated starch. Starch treated with so many many different inorganic acids too numerous to mention here. Without modified food starch the food industry will not be able to bring you supermarket foods with 1000 year shelf life. According to the FDA “the term starch is considered the common or usual name for starch made from ‘corn” … starches from other sources should be designated by some non-misleading term that indicates the source of such starch, for example, “potato starch”, “wheat starch”, or “tapioca starch”. What this indicates to me is that since just mayonaise does not state specifically that it uses one of the above named starches, then we have to assume that is is corn. I have a big problem with corn. Again, most of the corn produced in the US is genetically modified.  Since I am not sure from where Hampton Creek gets their corn or their “modified food starch” I will take a pass.

Lastly, and most importantly, lets talk about EDTA. Calcium Disodium EDTA is listed as an ingredient on just mayonaise. (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is approved for use in food to improve color and flavor. As you can see many of us have problems pronouncing these words.  And my philosophy is: if you cannot pronounce it you shouldn’t eat it.  However, the issue is that EDTA is essentially a chelator. It is used in chelation therapy for the removal of heavy toxic metals like mercury, lead and arsenic. EDTA is not widely used in chelation therapy because of its’ side effects. DMSA is considered the safest chelator.  The important thing to understand about EDTA is that it also chelates the good guys  – the micro nutrients like manganese, magnesium, calcium, zinc, cobalt that we desperately need, but not getting in our processed food diets. Once the chemical EDTA binds these metals –  good and bad – it is flushed out of the body.  So, in essence Hampton Creek is adding a chemical to just mayonaise that is chelating essential nutrients out of your body when you consume it.  Are you aware of that? No, because Hampton Creek has touted this product to be the savior  – the alternative to regular mayonaise. They say you should give it to your child because it is egg free, gluten free (not really) etc. I say you should not.  I don’t care if the FDA approved it for use in food.  The FDA “estimates that a person’s total exposure to EDTA via food sources is 15 milligrams(MG) per day” Well is that suppose to make us feel safe? No. Think of the cumulative effect of 15mg everyday. Think of what it is doing to your body if you have it everyday in some form. It is robbing you of essential micro nutrients and causing all manner of maladies in our society. This just mayonaise product is rifed with chemicals and if I were you I would not use it.

Just off the presses. Hampton Creek has removed EDTA from the ingredients list on the website. But according to the small print under the ingredient list just mayonaise with preservative is also available. How charitable!! I do have the jar that has EDTA listed as one of the ingredients. I will keep it as proof.