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oral chelation of mercury – poisonous metals like aluminum, lead, arsenic can lead to autism diagnosis

Mercury chelation

Mercury chelation works.  My family and I have practiced oral chelation of toxins  like mercury for many, many years. I believe this practice helped my son tremendously in relieving the symptoms of autism.  I would also use it occasionally when I feel tired and sluggish.

I also wanted to talk about oral removal of toxic substances because oral chelation of mercury and other heavy metals was one of the many protocols that I applied in my mission to heal my son of Autism. I have talked at length previously about mercury/thimerasol  in vaccines and my belief that it is one of the causes of Autism. If you are a pregnant Mom with amalgam fillings in your mouth, your unborn child is exposed to mercury. Pregnant Moms are also unnecessarily advised to get the flu vaccine which has mercury. They claim that they have removed it from vaccines, but it is still an ingredient in the flu vaccine. After your baby is born, if you choose to vaccinate your baby, he/she will have more exposure. This can be a diagnosis of Autism waiting to happen.

mercury chelation

Chelation therapy is a method used for the removal of mercury and other heavy metals from your body. Many people do an infusion of the chelation minerals through the vein in a doctors’ office over a period of time.  The metals are excreted through the urine. My sons’ holistic physician introduced me to this product many years ago and we have been using it with positive results. I chose to do oral chelation of mercury by using a liquid zeolite instead of transfusion and I believe that my son has recovered from Autism because of oral chelation of mercury – among other things that I applied.

mercury chelation
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mercury chelation

There are other over the counter nutritional supplements and food items that can be used for oral chelation of mercury.  Some of those are alpha lipoic acid which I have given my son, selenium and Vitamin A and C.  Lots of garlic and cilantro can also be used in cooking to help your child with excretion of mercury and oral chelation of mercury.