The Alkaline Table cookbook

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My eBook is finally here! When you buy my cookbook you will find recipes that have been re-worked to  support the alkaline lifestyle. Creative,tasty and simple ingredients.



Alkaline Table Cookbook builds on an eating lifestyle that has become a trend for the past couple years now. The term has been bandied about by many. What is that you ask? Well, eating the alkaline way is consuming foods that produce alkaline ash in the urine. It is consuming foods that will bind acids in your body. (acids being the bad guys that will create diseases in your body) How will this happen? Well, you need to consume foods that are enriched with minerals like Calcium, (not cow’s milk unless you are a vegetarian) Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Iron and Manganese. Foods that contain these minerals will leave an alkaline residue in your urine.

On the other hand, there are acid-producing foods – foods or substances that contain minerals like Phosphorus, Sulphur, Chlorine, Iodine, Bromine, Fluorine, Copper and Silicon. These minerals produce an acid residue in the urine. Why should you care?  You should care because an acidic body will produce a diseased body with lack of energy and overall sickness. An acidic body is one that is ripe for the development of all kinds of diseases and eventual death. You will develop cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and all manner of ailments if you continue to eat foods that are acid- producing. But before that, you would have been experiencing symptoms which you clearly ignored because you bought into the idea that we humans get sick as we age. You have bought into the false notion that you are going to get sick because this is how it goes – this is life. I am declaring to you right now that this is a lie and it is FALSE!! Alkaline Table Cookbook will motivate you to eat the right way.

If you love yourself, if you reject the idea that suffering and feeling unwell all the time is your birthright, then Alkaline Table Cookbook is for you. You absolutely need to eat the alkaline way. If you are new to this, you might be thinking that it will be a challenge. You are correct!  It is a challenge to move from a flesh eating, cadaver crunching lifestyle standard to a plant base paradigm.  A “paradigm shift” needs to occur in our culture and the world – the standard needs to change so that the suffering and sickness of humans will come to an end. For many of you, it will take some time. Start somewhere. The first thing you need to do is acknowledge that you have been given the wrong information about many things in this world. And one of the things you were told that is false is the erroneous tale that you need to eat the flesh of other animals for protein. Meats are the most acidic of all foods.  If you do not acknowledge this false tale at the beginning of your journey, and do due diligence of research you will FAIL at this big shift. This acknowledgement is the impetus – the thing that will drive you to make this change. If you do not acknowledge this important fact, you will return to flesh eating and cadaver crunching. And this will make you acidic. Alkaline Table Cookbook will set you on the right path to an alkaline body.

Set goals – small goals. For example, if you love meat, take baby steps in eliminating. So, give up pork and beef (which rots and putrefies in your stomach and intestines) and eat chicken (organic) or fish – (also rots and putrefies in your stomach and intestines). You will do this knowing that you will eventually give up chicken and fish because all meats produce acids in your body, and will make you sick. Develop a philosophy for yourself by which you live. A philosophy of “love of self”.  You can repeat to yourself every day, “I love myself so so much that I will NOT consume anything that will produce acids in my body and make me sick. I love myself too much”.  So you will prepare meals from the Alkaline Table Cookbook.

Finally, it is important to understand that you are electrical!! Your body is an electric body. How so? Ask yourself? How does your arms and legs move to make you walk? It is called motor movements. Well, how are your arms and legs motorized – by electricity. How does a car move? By a motor engine. We know this right?  Your body works the same way. If the spark plugs in the motor engine does not function, there is no delivery of electrical current for combustion. The same with your body. This is the reason so many of us move through this world like the walking dead. No sparks!! No energy. We are consuming the wrong foods. We are eating acid-producing foods so listlessness, sluggishness and tiredness prevail. The chemical reactions that occur in your body when you eat, talk, jog, do Yoga or Pilates are accomplished by electrical reactions. It is electro-chemical. There is a pull and thug between the negative and positive hydrogen ions (alkaline forming – acid forming) in your body. This will determine the PH (potential hydrogen) of your body fluids. Do you want a high PH between 7-9 (alkaline) in your body fluids, or do you want a low PH 1-6 (acidic)? You have an electric body, therefore feed it electric/alkaline foods. It is your decision. Make the right one!! Alkaline for life!! VEGAN FOR LIFE!!

No more acidic foods, no more crappy processed – reductionist food that has been stripped of everything natural from the supermarket. No fear, no pretense! Get into your kitchen and start cooking for longevity.




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