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the safe and accurate food labeling act

safe accurate food labeling act

Safe accurate food labeling act was passed by the US House of Representatives on July 23,2015. The senate will take it up in September. We need to say no to this proposal to ensure that all foods that are genetically engineered are labeled. This proposed legislation is another attempt by the biotech companies like Monsanto to make it difficult for the American people to know about the foods that they buy and prepare for their families. There are many erroneous ideas and information put forward in their defense of this ongoing assault of our food system.

safe accurate food labeling act
safe accurate food labeling act

Safe accurate food labeling act

The Coalition for Safe Affordable Food and  the Grocery Manufactures Association are the major proponents of this legislation. They claim that GMO’s are regarded as safe and that the World Health Organization and the American Medical Association have endorsed it.  These organizations are usually referenced because they want to cut off our thinking about the dangers in our foods.  If they  say that the AMA has endorsed GM technology we will accept this authority and move on. We should not.  According to the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food, “Genetically modified (GM) technology incorporates desirable traits from nature into crops, resulting in plants that can be healthier, more nutritious and better for the environment. This process is done without introducing anything unnatural or using chemicals.”  This is an erroneous and misleading statement. Let us dissect this statement:

When the bio-tech companies refer to “desirable traits” let it be known that there is nothing desirable about the end products of gene splicing and re-combining to make food crops resistant to glyphosate -the main ingredient in round-up. If you re-combine genes and shoot it into plant organisms to make the plant resistant to a poisonous chemical there is nothing natural or desirable about this. The plants are not healthier and we humans who eat the plants and food produced from these plants are not healthier. The rise in cancers and autism to name a few diseases have increased in tandem with the increased use of round-up. This kind of agricultural practice dries and kills the bio-diversity of the soil. It kills the nutrients in the soil, so our foods are lacking in proper nutrition. It kills weeds, bees and insects that play an important role in this bio-diversity. And it kill us eventually. I often wonder why some characters in the scientific community refuse to consider the relationships of connection and the complexities of the self-organization of life without much input from man. Our role is to care and assist and not to conquer because she always has the last word. Nature is a self-organizing force. We ought to work with nature and respect her.

The safe and accurate food labeling act proposes that farmers will use less pesticides because of GMO. This is not true because glyphosate is really an antibiotic and many resistant bacteria develop from the overuse of glyphosate. They also claim that it will lower the cost of food because of less pesticide use. This is not true because they do use more round-up to kill the new varieties of weeds and pests that arise from the overuse of this poison in the first place. They talk about alleviating world hunger and malnutrition around the world.  They are actually causing more poverty and deaths around the world. These multi-national corporations like Monsanto and people like Bill Gates are very arrogant in their thinking.  They believe they know more than the people who have been practicing agriculture for thousands of years in sustainable ways.  When multi-national corporations go into these countries and deplete the forest, the soil, the water –  they leave the native people without any resources to produce their own food. They then say that these people are in poverty – they are helpless and we have to save them. It is arrogant, evil and immoral.  What they do is a violation of nature and our bodies and we need to stand up and say no more!!