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Round-up and its main ingredient glyphosate have been declared a carcinogenic agent or cancer causing very recently by the (IARC) International Agency for Research on Cancer a branch of the World Health Organization.  According to the IARC “glyphosate induced a positive trend in the incidence of a rare tumour, renal tubule carcinoma. A second study reported a positive trend for haemangiosarcoma in male mice. Glyphosate increased pancreatic islet-cell adenoma in male rats in two studies. It’s formulation promoted skin tumours in an initiation-promotion study in mice.”

Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Round-up – the chemical used in our back yards and gardens to get rid of weeds. It is used on 80% of our food crops like corn, wheat and soy which are round-up ready for the wanton spraying of this chemical. These grains are genetically modified to withstand the drenching of glyphosate.

Are we now going to pay attention because an authoritative source declared it so?  Many scientists knew for a long time that this chemical is bad. Gilles-Eric Seralini, Phd Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Caen in France did exhaustive studies about the effects of this chemical on rats. Of course, the agri-businesses like Monsanto became concerned, so they wielded their powers to have his findings retracted from a very prominent journal – Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT), that publishes articles and reviews on toxics in our foods and environment and their harmful effects on humans and animals. They also review drugs and agricultural chemicals like glyphosate to assess the safety of such products. They have re-publish the review and Dr. Seralini has been absolved and proven correct about his findings.

Dr. Seralini studied the effects of glyphosate on rats and found that the rats grew various tumors and had liver and kidney damage. He showed the cumulative effects over a long period of this poisonous chemical. Monsanto conducted a study for 3 months and concluded that there were no bad effects.

Seralini’s rats

Parents of children on the autism spectrum also know that glyphosate is bad. Our children have been suffering from its effects via the foods that they eat.  In addition to killing weeds, this chemical is killing the beneficial bacteria in our children’s intestines leading to leaky gut and many auto-immune disorders. Glyphosate has also been found in the blood of agricultural workers which indicates that it is absorbs in the blood.

When are we going to take action to stop this  madness? When are we going to say to our representatives in government to stop taking bribes from agri-businesses in order to have their way with our food. When are we going to take back our democracy from the autocrats and say “for the people,by the people of the people.”