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Trans fats – foods high in trans fats – partially hydrogenated oils

Trans fats

The FDA has finally decided to admit their erroneous thinking regarding trans fats. Trans Fats also known as partially hydrogenated oils have been essentially designated as harmful to humans by the FDA two days ago. Trans fats have been used for decades in the manufacturing industry in the processing of certain foods.  Foods like cookies, cakes and baked goods do not go rancid and moldy with trans fats. It also allows processed foods to have a long life on the supermarket shelves.trans fats

Trans fats are responsible for the deteriorating health in Americans. Heart disease and obesity are two of the many chronic health problems facing Americans everyday. It is my opinion that the FDA has always been aware that the culprit was trans fats and not cholesterol.  They have also walked back their policy on cholesterol.  For many years we were told that cholesterol was a bad thing. This is far from the truth. The FDA is taking away the warning about the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease. According to the advisory panel “cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern for over-consumption”

In the past, and still today the FDA has erroneously conflated trans fats, saturated fat and cholesterol. Trans fats are like bad company looking for good company in saturated fat and cholesterol. Saturated fat is naturally occurring in meats and dairy. Egg yolks are famously cholesterol laden. Egg yolks are good for you. It is brain food. However, until recently cholesterol was bad for you. It makes you wonder if the FDA is playing some sick game with the public.  They give us wrong information depending on who is paying them and whose interests it serves at the time. Then, they reverse the opinion depending on public uproar, sickness and death.

I have never given up eating eggs because I know that eggs are good for my brain. It is a great protein source and economical. I never listen to the FDA. I like to read the sometimes erroneous lies and misinformation that they print.

I usually receive updates from the FDA on a wide range of food issues and recalls. I received and email update from a Steve Morin who is Acting Director, Cardiovascular & Endocrine Liaison Program, Office of Health and Constituent Affairs at the Food and Drug Administration. The email explains the new guidelines regarding trans fats. However, it continued that “trans fats will not be completely gone from foods because it occurs naturally in small amount in meat and dairy products ..” I want to inform Mr. Morin that this statement is wrong, wrong, wrong.  I believe he inserted this notion on his own in the email because this statement is not in the original document on the FDA website.

There is nothing natural about trans fats. It is a man-made product using hydrogen in oil to harden it.  Trans fats do not occur naturally in meat and dairy, saturated fat does and is good for you. Trans fats are bad for you.

When the government is not working in the interest of its citizens, but instead is taking advice and counsel from big corporations – you can go for many years, and many lives are lost before a real change can come.

The FDA is giving corporations three years to comply and eliminate trans fats from processed foods. In this time they will have to reformulate or “petition the FDA to permit specific uses of partially hydrogenated oils. Again, my concern is the substitution for PHOs, and are they going to list it in the ingredients. Would it be given another name as they have started to do with preservatives, or is it going to be shrouded in secrecy until it starts killing us?  Are they going to be lazy and petition the FDA to continue using it in small amounts in certain foods?

We have to be vigilant about the foods that we consume. There is no one on the face of the earth who do not eat everyday or think about eating foods. This is how we get nutrition and sustain ourselves. Unless you are food deprived in cases of poverty, food is something that is an integral part of our lives. We need to pay better attention to what we put into our bodies.